Eagle's Nest Academy is a non-profit, Christian boarding school for teenage boys who are struggling spiritually, socially, and academically. Our ministry seeks to be a resource to families in crisis by providing help and hope to parents who don't know where else to turn.

Here at Eagle's Nest Academy, God has provided a team of Godly staff and a safe place that is secluded from the distractions of the world. The adjacent wilderness, and working ranch environment, provide the perfect training ground for masculine leadership and a Biblical worldview. Through every experience and skill the students are pointed to the truths that they will need to become the men God intended them to be. Eagle's Nest Academy serves as a catalyst for God's work of producing change on the heart level. As Malachi 4:6 says, "God will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers."

Eagle's Nest Academy provides a basic, traditional Christian education, plus an emphasis on industrial arts training and other hands-on instruction designed to teach character, responsibility, and resourcefulness. Our focused program is deliberately kept to a small number of students, just the right size for one-on-one mentoring.

Teenage boys, ages 13-17,  in danger of spiritual and moral failure will have their instability challenged with a Biblical worldview.  An individualized plan of instruction for each studentwill address his particular needs and goals.  A program of instruction for the parents will be established through their local churches to teach Biblical family principles.


We seek to restore families to God’s intended purpose, while developing Godly men who are Biblical leaders in their families, churches, and communities.


Eagle's Nest Academy helps restore teenage boys to the Lord and to his family by:

• Providing sound Biblical counsel and discipleship

• Cultivating in the student a Biblical view of God, authority, and the world around him

• Setting him on course for his journey to Biblical manhood

• Equipping and training his parents to be the parents God intended them to be

From our founder, Jonathan Edwards:

Eagle’s Nest Baptist Ministries has been the vision of my wife and me for many years. As we have planted and pastored three churches in Utah, we have been saddened over Christian families struggling with raising godly young men in this present world situation. Our desire is to restore families to a place of victory and point young men in God’s direction for their lives. Some boarding school facilities we have researched focus on outward compliance to the rules and “good behavior.” Our emphasis is on Biblical Counseling to reach hearts for God and see good behavior come as a result of right relationships with Him. We also have a program of study for the parents so that when the family is reunited, everyone will have more opportunity for family success.  

We praise God and stand in awe at what He has accomplished here in Marysvale, Utah! He blessed us with land to donate for the Ministry facility. Then donations of money and many hours of skilled labor from God’s people have been used by Him to construct a comfortable and safe building.  Now, from many sources, staff members with training and sincere hearts of love and service for the Lord have come to serve in Eagle’s Nest Academy – almost without us having to go and seek any of them.  They have a burden to see struggling teenage boys become godly young men and Biblical leaders in our homes, churches and world.  

Won’t you join us all in praying for God’s blessing on Eagle’s Nest Academy? If the Lord puts it in your heart to help support this ministry, we would welcome that, too. The Academy is a licensed, accredited school where young men can get the academic, spiritual, and social help they need along with many exciting physical challenges and adventure. Our desire is for Eagle’s Nest Baptist Ministries be a resource for you, your family, and your church.