Founder's Vision

Eagle’s Nest Baptist Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation resulting from the longstanding burden in the hearts of Jonathan and Chrissa Edwards. 

Throughout their forty years of ministry, Jonathan and Chrissa Edwards have thought many times that there needs to be a place of help and hope for struggling Christians. Especially in The West, there aren’t many places that offer the Biblical counseling and healing ministries that hurting people need. While they were in Salina in the early 1990s, the Lord began burdening them about building such a place. Then He moved them to Marysvale and provided them with a ranch where they keep horses to be used at Utah Independent Baptist Camp. 

They formed Eagle’s Nest Baptist Ministries, Inc., and hired a lawyer to help them draw up the papers to apply for 501(c)3 status in 1999. They donated 29 acres of the ranch to the new Ministry in 2000 and asked God for the wisdom, finances, and help to build it. Over and over, they saw the Lord send just the right people at just the right time. Early on, Jonathan and Chrissa were talking one evening about where on the property to locate the building and the best route to bring a road up to the building site. There was a knock at the door. When Jonathan answered, there stood a faithful Christian from Wyoming who “just happens” to have extensive excavation experience! He was seeking lodging for the night on his way home from visiting family in Phoenix.  They welcomed him in and, of course, sought his helpful input about their excavation project.

Over the next few years, as the Lord provided the funds, they buried water, electric, and phone lines along the new road and carved out a 60x100 building site in the hillside. Finally, in 2007, with the help of the Bob Jones University Mission Building Team, the first concrete footers were poured.  The leader, Brad Slocum, was an experienced contractor, and the Lord blessed again by bringing his team first. He caught some errors on the plans that he believed would have compromised the structural integrity of the building. He and the architect came to a good agreement, and the work progressed. 

Many mission teams and individuals have come over the years. Hundreds of God’s people from all over the country have had a hand in building this structure. The Edwards’ had purposed to build without debt, and by God’s grace, they were able to do just that. Most of the donations that came in were not large or from large corporations. For the most part, average Christians sent what money they could. Eagle’s Nest stands as a tribute to those people who have given their money, time, and talents to the Lord to build it. Every worker has expressed a desire to see this ministry bless and restore many precious lives.


Board Members

Rev. Jonanthan Edwards was raised in a Christian home, saved as a young boy, and called to preach as teenager. He graduated from Bob Jones University with a BA in Bible and joined Northwest Baptist Missions. He and his wife Chrissa have been used by God to start three churches in the state of Utah. He serves on the executive board of Northwest Baptist Missions and the advisory board of Grace Reigns, an outreach to polygamous communities in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. He helped start Utah Independent Camp and directed the camp horsemanship program for 25 years. He currently pastors Marysvale Baptist Church and mentors young pastors in other parts of the state.

Greg Schnabel was saved at the age of 18 and really began walking with the Lord when he was 20. He graduated with an Associate’s degree in Applied Science. The education he received after that was very non-conventional; 11 years of individual Biblical and Theological study coupled with 8 years of practical ministry with teens from his local Baptist church, the community, and a secular academy for troubled boys. He volunteered at White River Academy, in Delta, UT for 7 years, and saw a lot of fruit as he worked with the guys there. For more than 8 years, he worked at a Beryllium processing plant and was a lead operator when he stepped out to become the full‐time director of Eagle’s Nest.  He was ordained into the ministry February 9, 2013 because he believed that the Lord had called him to be the shepherd of the flock here at Eagle's Nest.

Ron Steege and his wife Darla moved to Utah in 1995 to help Jonathan and Chrissa Edwards in their vision of ministry, establishing first a church and then Eagle’s Nest Baptist Ministries.  After Marysvale Baptist Church was founded, Ron and his wife moved to Phoenix Arizona to further his education.  He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from International Baptist College in 2005.  Ron continued his career as a respiratory therapist and continued his education to receive an R.N degree in 2010.  A year later Ron and his wife moved back to Marysvale to work resume their support of Marysvale Baptist Church and Eagle’s Nest Baptist Ministries.

Ron Ehmann and his wife Kathy live in Tooele, Utah.  Ron currently serves as Director of Northwest Baptist Missions.  Northwest Baptist Missions is a church planting Mission Agency for the Northwest Region of the United States.  He also serves as Pastor of Mountain View Baptist Church in Grantsville, Utah.  He has served Pastorates at Mountain View Baptist Church in Jackson, Wyoming and Grace Baptist Church in Elko, Nevada.  They spent one year in South Africa replacing a missionary on furlough. 

John Innes has been in full-time Christian service since graduating from Bob Jones University, earning a Master's Degree in Christian Education in 1966.

He served as Assistant Pastor, Senior Pastor and Christian School Administrator in several churches across the US before moving to Marysvale, Utah, to found Christian Vocational Ministries, a "second chance" residential program for men who have made poor choices in their lives and need a "new beginning." (

Shannon Siedschlag has been privileged by God's grace alone to work with youth for nearly 20 years: a lay sponser, friend of Victory Home for Boys in Wisconsin, teacher, and youth pastor at Victory Baptist Church Montrose, CO from 2010 to 2015, as well as in consruction for most of his life. He is currently serving as a deacon at Victory Baptist Church of which he has been a member for 9 years. The Lord used Northland Baptist Bible College for his formal training from which he recieved a bachlors degree in just 7 years and 2 and 1/2 children later :). He has the priviledge of being married to Debbie Siedschlag of 21 years. Together they have 4 children: a daughter, age 20, and 3 boys, ages 18, 16, and 12. He desires for Eagles Nest Baptist Ministries to be a help in the restoration of lives to right relationships with God and others. "That you may have a walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God" (Colossians 1:10).